SD1 Hudson Avenue Sewer Improvement Project

Posted on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

SD1 Working in Your Neighborhood

Lakeside Park (Hudson Avenue) Sewer Improvement Project

Why is SD1 working in your neighborhood?

SD1 is working in your community to install a new storm water sewer pipe and replace an existing sanitary sewer line with a larger, higher capacity pipe. The current sanitary sewer pipe is designed only to carry the water flushed and drained from homes and businesses; however, it is aging and allows storm water from rainfall and snow melt to seep in. This sometimes overwhelms the pipe, increasing the risk of sewage backups in basements and sanitary sewer overflows in nearby creeks, streets and yards. The new sewer pipes will reduce the risk of these problems by ensuring storm water in your neighborhood flows properly to nearby streams and that wastewater in your community is safely and effectively conveyed to a treatment plant for cleaning....


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