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2023 Police Authority Members:

  • Paul Markgraf, Chair  (Lakeside Park)
  • Bill Dorsey, Vice-Chair   (Crestview Hills)
  • David Kramer (Crestview Hills)
  • Brian Waite (Lakeside Park)
  • David Wolfer  (Lakeside Park)
  • Ed Wise (alternative from Crestview Hills)

Citizens' Police Academy

Citizens' Police Academy

The Fourth Biennial LPCHPA Citizens' Academy was be held  on five (5) consecutive Wednesday evenings in March 4, 2020.  This highly informative free seminar is taught by our officers to acquaint our residents with basic law enforcement experience and training. The graduates of the prior Academy classes were extremely enthusiastic about their experiences.

Covid derailed plans for another Citizen's Academy, but thanks to the hard work of Sgt. Michael Paolucci, the basics of the Citizen's Academy became part of the curriculum at Thomas More University. The students enthusiastically learned about basic law enforcement, training and the challenges facing our officers.

If interested in learning more, you may  call the department at (859) 331-5368 for more information.