2023-2024 Fiscal Year Budget

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2023 Ordinances

2022 Ordinances

  Ord. #                 Adopted                Description

Ord. 1-2022  4/11/2022 Text Amendment for Zoning Regulations - Family Childcare Homes as Conditional Use

Ord. 2-2022 6/13/2022 2022-2023 Annual Budget for City of Lakeside Park, Kentucky

Ord. 3-2022 8/8/2022 Amending Parking Ordinance on Hudson Avenue

Ord. 4-2022 9/22/2022 Adopting Tax Rate for 2022 for real estate and personal property

2021 Ordinances

Ord. #   Date Enacted  Description Notes

 Ord. 1-2021  5/10/2021  Adopting FY 2021-2021  Line Item Budget

 Ord. 2-2021  tabled       Creating Ch. 28 - Relating to the Building and Real Property Policies 

 Ord. 3-2021  5/10/2021  Amending Ch 40 - Creating a New Section Relating to Parking at the City Building  

 Ord. 4-2021  5/10/2021  Adopting an Amended Interlocal Agreement Between the Kenton County Fiscal Courts for the Code Enforcement  

 Ord. 5-2021 Skipped
 Ord. 6-2021 08/09/2021 Creating Ch. 75 - Residential Rental Property License  Tabled

 Ord. 7-2021  09/13/2021  Adopting International Property Maintenance Code

  Ord. 8-2021  09/13/2021  Providing Assessment and Tax Rate for all Real and Personal Property  

 Ord. 9-2021  12/13/2021 Ord. 9-2021 Franchise Agreement with CBET & TBNK Competitive Cable Television Franchise Agreement with CBET 

2020 Ordinances 



Ord. # 


Date Enacted



Ord. 1-2020



Repealing Ch 51- Animal Guidelines


Ord. 2-2020



Creating 51A - New Animal Guidelines


Ord. 3-2020



Repealing Emergency Meeting Ord 1-2019


Ord. 4-2020



Setting Location & Time for Monthly Council Meetings


Ord. 5-2020



Adopting FY 2020-2021 Annual Budget

 Line Item Budget

Ord. 6-2020   9/22/2020 Providing Assessment and Tax Rate for all Real and Personal Property   

Please Note

Not all City Ordinances become codified into the City Code of Ordinances. Some ordinances are passed to authorize the City to take specific actions, to set the annual budget or to approve agreements with other cities or entities.

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