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DCCH Recipient of 2019 KY Colonels Grant

Posted on Tuesday, October 8, 2019



 Fort Mitchell, KY, October 1, 2019– DCCH Center for Children and Families is an honored recipient of a 2019 KY Colonels grant.

 DCCH Center for Children and Families is proud to announce it received a $3,600 grant from the Honorable Order Kentucky Colonels (HOKC) to purchase Security Cameras to Increase Safety and Transparency on their Fort Mitchell campus.

 DCCH Center serves survivors of child abuse and neglect by providing around the clock Residential Treatment and Behavioral Therapy. They also offer Therapeutic Foster Care and Adoption, outpatient therapy, and targeted case management services.

  “We are grateful for the Kentucky Colonels and their ongoing support of DCCH. Many of the children in our care come from backgrounds where a feeling of safety was non-existent. We’re committed to providing our residents with the care they need in a safe, loving environment. The Colonels’ generous grant will help us do so.” Bob Wilson, Executive Director.

 This year, HOKC will award $2.1 million in grants supporting 265 non-profits, impacting more than 3.9 million Kentuckians. This year’s total is a record for HOKC’s Good Works Program and represents HOKC reaching the $50-million mark since the Colonels became a 501(c)3 in 1951. Grants are made possible through donations from active Kentucky Colonels from around the world who chose to exercise this honor in a meaningful way.

 HOKC Commanding General Lynn Ashton said: “We cast a wide net across the Commonwealth and across the scope of those in need from aiding the abused, to assisting the handicapped, to supporting crisis relief to historic preservation. Our goal is to annually grant $5-mlllion to worthy causes. All funding is generated through donations from active Colonels ranging from $1 to major gifts, so to get to that dollar amount we must reach Colonels not engaged with us.”

 Those interested in being an active KY Colonel or nominating someone to become a KY Colonel contact HOKC National Headquarters at (502) 266-6114 or go to  

  “DCCH Center provides residential treatment for children ages six to 14 with significant behavioral challenges, most of whom have been removed from their home due to neglect and/or sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. DCCH also provides intensive residential treatment and therapy, foster care and adoption services, and outpatient therapy, which is open to the public. Founded in 1848, DCCH strives to improve the lives of children who have been impacted by childhood trauma and bring families together for a bright, healthy, and happy future.”

 If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Amy Pelicano at 859-331-2040 Ext. 8534 or email at