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Changes to Waste & Recycling

Posted on Monday, June 12, 2017

"The current fiscal year marks the end of the three year contract we have with Bestway Disposal for our trash/recycling pickup. This year in an attempt to get the best price possible we teamed up with Fort Mitchell and bid it together.

During the past three years, while we enjoyed a lower rate, there have been changes in the industry that have prompted higher costs. In reviewing the bids we received from Bestway, Rumpke, and Republic, the lowest price available for the term of the contract is with Bestway Disposal. With that being said, the lowest price does come with a change.

For many years we have been accustomed to trash being picked up twice weekly, Monday and Thursday, and recycling every Thursday. In order to get the lowest price possible, we will be receiving trash and recycling pick up once a week starting in July, which will be on Thursdays."

Information will be forth coming in the mail to you from Bestway Disposal. If you would like to order trash or recycling carts contact Bestway Disposal at 859-372-4900.

See attached document for Frequently Asked Questions about the new trash/recycling schedule.


**Quotation taken from the Lakeside Pride, Summer 2017, From the Mayor's Corner, by David E. Jansing.  Published by Lakeside Park.**

Additional information available from Best Way Disposal.




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