Animal Shelter Introduces New Tool for the Communtiy

Posted on Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Kenton County Animal Shelter is excited to introduce a new "Lost, Found and Available for Adoption" tool on the County website for the community. This tool is powered by the software ShelterBuddy and will allow citizens to search for animals that are lost & found, as well as view animals that are available for adoption at the shelter.

"The idea behind this is to enhance our communication with the public," said Animal Shelter Director Elizabeth Cochran. "With this new tool, citizens will be able to look at animals that have come in as a stray, those that have been found in the community, and those that are being held with a Good Samaritan."

When an animal is brought in as a stray, shelter staff will take their photo and upload it to the website. If a pet has been lost or is being held with another citizen, staff can add the description of the animal to assist anyone who who may be searching for their pet.

There are three tabs available for the public that are updated Monday-Saturday in real time.

  • Available for Adoption - provides a list of animals available for adoption.
  • Found Pets - shows a list of animals that are at the shelter in the stray hold kennel.
  • Lost Pets - shows  a list of animals that have been reported lost by the public.

To access the tabs, you can visit the Kenton County Website

"If you're searching for a new pet or desperately trying to find a lost one, we want to make the process easier for everyone involved," said Cochran.

If you have a lost or found a pet, the shelter encourages you to call them at 859-356-7400.

**Original article posted in This Issue: Kenton County Parks & Recreation, electronic email distribution.**