Trash & Recycling Update

Posted on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

    The City has received new bids for trash and recycling services for the next four (4) years.  Unfortunately, all bids are significantly above the current $150 per year paid by our residents for trash pickup twice a week and recycling once weekly. 
    The cost to retain our current service would increase to nearly $250 for the first year, and increase annually thereafter.  The lowest bid would be to reduce trash pickup to once per week with recycling pickup on the same day.  The cost for this would begin at $203 per year.
    The consensus of city council is that trash & recycling should be reduced to once weekly. 


Effective July 1, 2017 Trash and Recycling will be picked up  once a week. The pickup day will be Thursday. Bestway was the lowest and best bid for the once a week service. Additional information will be mailed to every household directly from Bestway. As part of the bid, the larger 96 gallon two wheel carts will be available at no additional charge. Recycling carts will remain at the 65 gallon size. The smaller totes for recycling will also remain available.



    You may review a summary of the bids by CLICKING HERE