ALERTS The City Offices are now located within the Fort Mitchell City Building at 2355 Dixie Highway, Fort Mitchell.

What are the city building's hours, location, phone, fax, and email?

Check out our City Infomation page.

Who determines the tax value on my property?

What are the rules on garage sales?

Answer available on our Useful Links page.  Click on Garage Sale Permits.

Who do I contact about street problems?

Contact the City Building and speak to the City Clerk. Click Here for contact information.

Who do I contact about sanitation/sewer problems?

You will need to contact the Sanitation District #1 (859) 578-7450 or via the SD1 website

Who do I contact for police issues and questions?

View the City Info page for contact information.

Or Lakeside Park - Crestview Hills Police Authority

When does city council meet?

View the City Info page for contact information.

City Council meets the Second Monday of each month at 7:00 P.M. at the City Building.

Who do I contact about my cable franchise fees?

Contact the Telecommunications Board of Northern Kentucky. Click here for contact information or call (859) 261-1300.